Frequently Asked Questions

Why Have I not heard of this Unit before?

The e-EnergySaver is one of the newest products on the market.   No other company has developed an Automatic Dynamic Power Factor correction device in this market segment.

How Does the e-EnergySaver Work?

The e-EnergySaver unit is an energy saving device that will improve the operating efficiency of your electrical environment.  By dynamically correcting the Power Factor the e-EnergySaver can reduce electrical costs, reduce the carbon footprint and increase efficiency.

What is the warranty for the e-EnergySaver Units?

There is a 1 year warranty on all parts after Installation by a certified electrician.  There is a 5 years warranty on all the capacitors.

Does the e-EnergySaver affect any of the equipment in the home?

The e-EnergySaver does not affect the equipment in anyway.  In fact it can help reduce the load and help all the motors in your home by extending their life by allowing them to run cooler.

What is the Payback time for the e-EnergySaver unit?

The e-EnergySaver will usually pay for itself in 6 – 18 months.

How long will the e-EnergySaver last?

The life span is over 15 years.

Is there any maintenance needed?

After installation by a certified electrician there is no maintenance required.

Is the e-EnergySaver home unit easy to install?

A licensed and insured electrician will professionally install the e-EnergySaver unit between 45 minutes and 2 hours based on the condition of the electrical Panel.