Case Study Jody

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"Since installing the E-Energy Saver ES-R-01 Smart Electricity Saver four months ago, I have saved over $400 on my residential electric bill. The investment should completely pay for itself within 7 months. I'm predicting to save nearly $1,200 per year on my electric bill, year-after-year! Additional benefits include, my lights don’t flicker and my hot tub no longer trips the breaker switch when all of the pumps start simultaneously. I am absolutely satisfied and recommend anyone wanting to significantly reduce their electric bill to install an E-Energy Saver unit. You'll be happy you did!"

− Jody

"Initially I was very skeptical on having this unit installed on my home. As a Certifited Public Accountant I go over everything very carefully. After the first two months my bills have gone from $275 down to $225. I’m very happy so far with the performance of the EnergySaver and look forward to see what my next months bills will read."

− Mike G. CPA

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"Great investment! $925 goes in my pocket year-after-year from here on out!
That’s assuming that the utility doesn’t jack the rates up even higher to cover the cost of the EPA compliance with the “Green House” and “Carbon Footprint” fines/taxes!"

− Seal Products